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Mt Cook Lily

Orange Pore Fungus 


Tree Fern Frond 

New bracken frond 

Gastrodia Orchid 

Puffballs erupting spores 

Sun orchid 

Southern Rata - Auckland Islands


Alpine Buttercups 

Mountain foxglove 

Mountain Daisy (Celmisia) 

Hound's tongue fern 

Sharp 'Spaniard' Aciphylla 

parasitic mistletoe 

Pohutukawa - NZ Christmas tree 

North Island Edelweiss 

South Island Edelweiss 

Young Tree Fern Frond 

Rare Dactylathus (wood rose) flowering

Pleurophyllum flower, Sub Antarctic Is. 

Water fern frond 

Tree fern canopy

Beech leaves

Tree fern koru


Kahikatea fruit 

Tree fern koru 

Kowhai flowers

Rimu leaves

Nikau Palm fruit

Alpine flowers

Mount Cook Lily

Mount Cook Lily



Mount Cook Lily

kauri tree

Crown fern
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